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Rhino Games Offers Best Trade Deals Imo

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First of all, I am a big gamer, and when the PSP came out I had it first day, early that morning, and I bought 6 games. Eventually I got tired of those games and decided I wanted Madden 06 for my PSP.

At this point I still had Lumines, Ridge Racers, Ghost in the Shell on UMD, and Spiderman on UMD.

My goal was to get Madden 06 purely on trade, without any cash paid (which means I need $50 of credit), and keep as much as I could of what I had. The movies were more important though because I had beaten the games.

I first went to EBGames in my mall and for all four items they offered me 45 dollars of credit for all of my games/movies. No go.

I then went to SoftwareETC which is really GameStop now, which actually owns EBGames from a recent purchase, but hadn't integrated with them, so effectively another place to check my options.

SotwareETC offered me what was effectively 41 dollars for all of my games/movies and a membership to their club (which gives 20% extra when you trade 2 games, 30% extra for 3, and 40% extra for 4). For those who want to know, it was 40 credit, minus 15 to join the club, but then the club would net me 16 dollars so as I said they offered effectively 41 dollars and a membership. Still no go.

My third trip was worth waiting. I went to a place built in a plaza next to a new Wal-Mart here in Chattanooga called Rhino Video Games. They appear to be a relatively new store, and they are owned by Blockbuster which often features video game stores inside their video rental store.

Here I was offered 50 dollars for my two games and 11 for the two movies. I couldn't believe it! I could get Madden 06 for my PSP and keep my movies! I went through with the transaction and was very happy (with the deal anyway; Madden 06 on PSP is another issue and not the fault of Rhino).

I would also recommend that if you want to buy a game with cash, try this place to see if they have it used. Their used prices are excellent.

The reason the trade was so great was because they have an on-going (not limited time) offer that says when you trade in any 2 games they sell for 24.99 used you can get a game they sell for 50 dollars in return. This is a really good deal since it ammounts to a even trade. No other used video game store offers you credit for a used game in the ammount they sell the game for.

I don't see how they are making money with this deal!

Check the link to see if they have a store near you. I'd reccomend a visit.

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Do you have mortal kombat trilogy?

Rhino Games Offers Best Trade Deals Imo


I wanted to ask this question because I really want to this game and I'm a mortal kombat manic so could you please find this ame for me?


-question by maurice haynes

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