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The Sco Group Failed To Produce Any Evidence That Linux contained copyrighted Unix codes

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The e-mail, which was sent to SCO Group CEO Darl McBride by a senior vice president at the company, forwards on an e-mail from a SCO engineer. In the Aug. 13, 2002, e-mail, engineer Michael Davidson said "At the end, we had found absolutely nothing ie (sic) no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever."

Finally, Linux wins on this war :)

sorry, forgot to post the source

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Finally, Linux wins on this war

If only it wre that simple !

a few hours after slashdot reported the email, SCO announced that the email was in-accurate. And Still claims that Linux contains UNIX code (which SCO bought the rights to)

source: http://downtime.zdnet.com/zdnet/downtime.html

This has been going o for years.

Countless times in court,the judge has plain and simply said that they already have a copy of the linux kernel, You provide the court with the parts of your source code that you claim linux has coppied. Then SCO just drops the case and runs away.

ALL SCO needs to do to win this case, would be to grab an old version of its source code (that Linux allegidly stole) then highlight the parts that are also in a linux version.

If Linus really did steal code, then 1: how did he get access to it ?
2: why hasnt SCO provided a court with evidence.

Sooner or later, when they lose againsed Linux, i bet you they go after GNU !
then after that, BSD, then Minux, then HURD... there is no end.

SCO is a fialed dieing company, that used to work with software, but now spends its time thinking up excuses to sue others.

Plus, they recieve quite a lot of funds from Microsoft for some un-known reason.
The conspiracy theorists amungst us like to think MS is paying SCO to keep up the allegations as part of there FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaid againsed linux... who knows.

SCO has nothing to gain, even if they did win.
Where is the money going to come from.

Does anyone still use SCO UNIX ?

I think the only closed source version of UNIX in use now is SUN SOLARIS.
And even that now has an Open source version os Solaris 10.

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