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Medal Of Honor-allied Assault- Great Site

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Here is a Great site where you can find a lot of cheats and tips



There are lots of better playces that have hints and tips. For instance, gamefaqs.com is a well known place to geth pretty much everything you need for any game that's out there. It's also very easy to use and not much lag for those 56kers if there are any left :P

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List all the Cheat Websites why don't we?Well, for whatever game you're looking for, if there's ever any cheats there's one place to get them. It's the one, the only... CHEAT SEARCH ENGINE! No I'm not kidding, there REALLY is a cheat search engine! What's it called, you may be wondering?Its... CheatOogle! That's right, CheatOogle, a Google-Based search engine entirely for cheats! If there's a cheat anywhere, you'll find it here. I believe the website is: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/: I appologise if you think I'm being too braggy, too over-the-top, too melodramtic, etc, etc. I like to make a good presentation of things, so sorry. Please don't put me into trouble!

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here are some cheats for MOHAA

Cheat Code Effect

wuss Gives player all weapons
dog God Mode (invincibility)
fullheald Heal player
notarget Removes target
(enemies won't fire at you)
noclip No clipping (pass through walls)
listinventory List of the player's inventory
tele x y z Teleport to location
coord Prints out current location and angles
health set current health
kill Kills the player
(useful when in God mode)
giveweapon weapons/''weapon_name''.tik Gives the player the specified weapon

    To be able to use the last listed cheat code (giveweapon), you need to know the names of the weapons, so here they are:

weapon_name Friendly Name
colt45 Colt 45
m2frag_grenade Frag Grenade
p38 Walther P38
steilhandgranate Steilhandgranate
m1_garand M1 Garand
kar98 Mauser KAR 98K
shotgun Shotgun
bazooka Bazooka
panzerschreck Panzerschreck
bar BAR
mp44 StG 44
thompsonsmg Thompson
mp40 MP40
springfield Springfield '03 Sniper
kar98sniper KAR98 Sniper

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I use GameFAQs for all my gaming needs. Walktroughs, FAQs, cheats, hints and much more.

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