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PHP-Nuke With IPB Forums

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One complaint many people have with the PHP-Nuke is that it uses phpBB2 forums as its forum software, and also that it is hard to modify the phpBB forum for PHP-Nuke. MODs written for the phpBB and phpBB2 will 98% of the time not work with the PHP-Nuke as writeen unless they just are concerned with one or two files and then only if they do not need tables to be modified for the MOD. So you have to look for Ported MODS (which I write and demonstrate at NukeXtra) N


Now there is a modified version of PHP-Nuke referred to as IPB-Nuke and you can see it working at NukeXtra IPB-Nuke and not only will you see a PHP-Nuke using the Invision boards as well as some modifications to the BB Codes in the posting area...try going to the Test forum and start a new topic to see the difference of that Invision and all the rest. I know it is different because I wrote the MOD for the posting body myself and am still refining it to add more options, that work with both the Firefox and Internet Explorer, I do have some functions for button that don't work with both so they were left off.


If you want MODs that work with your PHP-Nukes phpBB forums you can download them from my site and if you want to have PHP-Nuke you can also get that at the IPB-Nuke site as linked above. You do have to provide your own Invision board due to licensing requirements but if you have Invision or a trial you can use it with the download of IPB-Nuke.

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