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Yahoho Puzzle Pirates For anyone interested in this game

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I wanted to know if anyone has played the game called Yahoho Puzzle Pirates You can download it from Pop Cap and it's free


you can join crews, own trade posts and all kind of stuff...


some of the puzzles are challenging, but over time you can master them


if anyone is playing this game or wants to learn more just post here :lol:

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I never had play or download this program. Suddenly it appear in my PC. How can I delete it?-feedback by Pedro E. Ramirez

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Great Game! 5 Stars!

Yahoho Puzzle Pirates


Puzzle Pirates is...


One of the best games I've seen out there and I've tried many games from HabboHotel To Runescape to Kaneva to Cokemusic to maplestory to Audition!Online to Neopets to VMK To Trickster to GunBound to Webkinz!


Puzzle Pirates shows an unique way of battle gameplay replacing all the violence with blood and gore. The puzzles are fairly easy to understand and overtime you can master the puzzles.


You get to create your own character, earn money playing puzzles on ships and battling other people for clothes,furnishings for your house, buy houses ships,pets badges. Earn your way up the ranks of being a pirate.Make friends,join crews. There's so much to offer



I've been playing this game for 2 years now. I came across it and thought oh great puzzles fun!...But to my surprise I don't even think about it as a puzzle game. It's highly addictive!


The best part I have to say is the both it's a safe game for any child to play if they are interested in it. It has a lot of privacy settings for parents comfort and also you can play on a subsrciber ocean or Dubloon oceans. If parents don't want to pay real money then you/the child(ren) can play on the Dubloon oceans.



I could explain the whole game but then this page would be really long!


In all it's an Amazing game and I recommend it to anyone who's been looking for an rpg game for months and/or is a fan of pirates!



I recommend downloading the game from the real website:http://www.puzzlepirates.com/.

I find the actual website for the game tends to fix bugs and updates a lot faster.


Hope this helps :)




-reply by Cheeze&Quackerz

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