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Grandia 2 What do you think about this game ?

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I have this game as well and I have played through it once already your in for a surprise later on in the game play but I'm not gonna spoil it for you. It is actually a good game but I don't think it stands in the same area as the first game Gradndia has an excellent story line as well as characters, this game does pull off a good story and also pulls out very good characters. I am actually playing it over again, Oh did you buy the old version for the Dreamcast or the version for the PS2 doesn't really matter which one you bought but stuff like that really intrests me because it originally came out on the Dreamcast then the PS2 I only managed to get my hands on the PS2 version but really wish I could get the Dreamcast version someday.Well enjoy the game I really did when I played it, Oh yeah and have fun maxing out all the magic that took me forever but it was worth it in the end.

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