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Question Regarding Hosting Requirements I am confused

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Can you please clarify something for me?

The rules state:

Staying active means you must contribute to the forum at least once every two weeks, and visit it at least once every week. Failure to doing so will result in your account being suspended or removed.

Taken from: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/77393-welcome-to-xisto-open-discussion-free-web-hosting/

Is that how it works or would I get one hosting credit deducted every day? like the system they have at Xisto

The reason I ask is that I find different information in different places and I just want to be sure which is the right one so that I can follow the rules once I get hosted.


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Xisto works in exactly the same way as Xisto.


As jet said, the rules here are the same when it comes to hosting. However rules here are more strict about the length of posts etc :D One thing, I don't want to go check (yeah, it's hot here so I can be lazy) but if you're hosted on trap, you can't get hosted here.


Per day you are hosted you lose one credit. The amount of credits received depends on the lenght of your post, of course also repetition is checked (we've had people who copy some lorem ipsem filler etc for credits :D they got banned LOL)

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