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Neoprint Project Going To Work Out? I dont think so...

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Recently, my school's IT club started a "Neoprint project" to raise funds for the club. Of course, I'm in the club but i really have no idea how neoprints can help raise funds. There are so many disadvantages of doing this simple yet crazy business. Firstly, the whole process including moving the picture of the people to the "theme" is a less than 2min process. Yet, the whole IT club will take approximately 1 month to process all the photos. This is truly a very long time and nobody will want to wait THAT long for a neoprint that only takes about a minute to be done outside at shopping malls. Sure the club guaranteed that the price will be cheaper but being 50cents cheaper doesn't have any reason to turn 1min to 1month. :P So being the enthusiastic me, i started to butt in and restrict on the idea but obviously, seniors are seniors and always ditch the 'younger ones'. So i got pushed off and they continued their discussion. I played the innocent role and left them alone. The next week, as i predicted, the number of customers we recieved can be counted with one hand. I don't wish to critisize but i really feel that this isn't going to work out. I've recieved comments like "There are too little themes" or "Why does it take one month?" and even "Why do you only have a Man U theme why not Chelsea or liverpool! This is bias!". Sigh... How am i going to make it through? Anybody have any ideas we can use to make our neoprints sound more "tech-savvy" because we're really doing something too simple and "easy". We need something to attract attention. Some unique feature of Adobe Photoshop that normal neoprint booths do not have. Any body have any ideas?

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