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Porting Mods For Php-nuke/bbs Systems What is a Ported Mod

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Basically a ported mod is a modification that was written for a specific message board or somethinfg of that sort.


In My World I port mods that are originally intended to work with the phpbb or phpbb2 message boards and make them compatible with the PHP-Nuke CMS (Content Management System) One of my greatest mods which I believe I could also port to this system which is an Invision or (IPB) Invision Power Board(Trial) v2.0.0 PF 3 © 2005 IPS, Inc. as stated in the footer of this board.


I have now decided to port some mod for that board also because the "Plain Jane" BB Code that I see is dull and boring I am not advertising but just lookat my sites forums and see the difference...do this only if you want to but there is more to be offered, and I need programmers of all types but that site is a one man show, except I do look for quality people... Hacks Fixes and Mod is the Motto go there and see a Nuke site that Rocks with worknig mods. Ported Mods for PHP-Nuke


And If you can do better than that then just give it a try and become a member and build mods for other systems...I do phpBB but you can do more make this a site that ports them all...Invision, phpBB,Yabb,Vbulletin,you name it


Applications are taken after registration on Ported Mods Test Site>> Please allow this one man show some time to consider each and every one of you at this site << :P

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