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File Uploader Script

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I find ftp accounts to be a pain. Does anyone know of any good file upload script I can install onto my website. Someone mentioned copermine earlier, but thats not what im looking for. Basically, I want to have a place where priviledged members of my website can upload their own files.Sorry to double post, but I forgot to add some things. It would be cool if the upload script could support any file types, had password control, maybe ability to set up accounts and monitor bandwith and space. Simple format would be a plus as well.

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Ok, I found a good file uploader script. Its the IP(Invision Power) file uploader. I read the instructions and was able to install it, but I keep on getting these weird errors. I can log in to admin section, but I can login onto the file manager itself. Here's the link. Anyways, when I login I get this weir error saying,


"Fatal Error!


The root directory does not exist, please contact the server admin"


I've considered that one of the problems may be that when I created a user(me), I was suppose to specify the root directory and root url. According to the installation guide root directory="Root Directory - This is the absolute path to the users directory, it must be relative to the root directory, i.e. / or c:\, not relative to the web root" and the root url="This is the URL to the users root directory, for example if c:\websites was accessed via http://www.domain.com/ and the users root directory was c:\websites\user then the URL would be [url="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I put something down, but I realy don't have a clue what those 2 things are.


Could someone please to direct me to what the problem may be, or maybe an administrator could install it for me?


~~Thanks for your time

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