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Mplayer.. The End Of An Era ? is mplayer going to be shu down ???

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Mplayer is an open source media player / encoder.
its not the best media player (i think xine is better, fully suports dvd menu's)
but mplayer is commonly used in other media applications as an interface to all media types, especially those requireing win32 binary codecs.

have a look at its web page, it seems its in danger of being shut down.. design7/news.html

My dad couldnt find a media application that could play the mp4's that his mobile phone recoreds, divX player coultnd play audio, and windows media player just couldnt play it.. so i told him about mplayer, he opened up the web page, and smack....

from what ive read on slashdot, the battle to keep software patents out of europe had almost been won !

what do you guys think ?
is it really curtains for thedays of the free and open media players ???

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There as an awesome media player that I recently found out about called Media Player Classic. Media Player Classic is by far the best media player I have ever found, for reasons besides the fact that it is open source and completely free.


Media Player Classic can play pretty much all media filetypes that you can think of, in image formats, movie formats, music formats, etc. It can open image types like .png, .gif, .jpeg, etc, play movies like .wmv, .mov (Quicktime), .avi, .ogm, etc. And it can play music files like .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .midi, and pretty much whatever else you can think of. I just recently found out that it can play .swf files also - a media player, that can play flash documents! MPC is awesome, it can play pretty much every type of media you could ever want.


It is a tiny program, you don't even have to install it. You just unzip the folder, which contains like 2 files, and one of them is the application. Just put it wherever you want, and you can open all types of media with it. You can also make your own custom logos for it Posted ImagePosted Image, for example I made the following one:


Posted Image


Media Player Classic is the best small, lightweight media player I have found. I use it for everything pretty much...I suggest you all try it out. It seriously kicks *bottom* :D


You can download the latest version,, from the following page on Sourceforge:




Enjoy, and cheers! :D


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Ignition: what I believe qwijibow meant was Linux media players. Media Player classic is for Windows for which there is no problem with media players, if everything else fails Windows users still will have MS's WMP. Yes, software patents really suck *bottom*. It's bloody obvious that all this is just playing into hands of Microsoft and other big software companies. Them being able to take out OS software like Mplayer won't end up benefitting anyone. Not even the big companies. But who end up suffering the most is us, the users.

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