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Deleting Maps

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What ftp program are you using? This can help us answer your question. I'm using SmartFTP and I can select a folder, click delete and everything is removed. When I used WSftp I had to delete content first then the folder.Nils

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As Nils pointed out, it depends on the program..

And here is the WHY you need to empty the folder first...
The server is Unix and your FTP program will, when you click, feed a command to the Unix server.

For example when you remove a folder named blog from your public http, your FTP program gives : (charly being you as user on the server, then /home/charly being your home directory on the server and $ being the prompt - in case you know this already sorry for repeating)

charly@Xisto.com/home/charly/public_http/:$rm blog
charly@Xisto.com/home/charly/public_http/:$rmdir blog
While this works fine when the folder is empty, you need a lil extra options to get rid off the folder when there are files in it. :) (the rmdir will not remove directories that are not empty - this only removes empty directories - rm is usually used for files)

charly@Xisto.com/home/charly/public_http/:$rm -R blog

This should remove the folder AND its content (I can be wrong, my command line knowledge is beyond rusty). The options -R is recursive.

That is the cause of the issue. How you can implement that in your FTP program I have no idea LOL, I intend to message OpaQue for shell access (Where I feel better LOL)

I hope this didn't confuse the issue too much, sorry to not be able to serve you with the answer yet. Just let us know which program you use and we'll try our best to solve it :)

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