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Basic Norms Of Operation Of Marinate Acrobat Reade Basic norms of operation of Marinate Acr

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Basic norms of operation of Marinate Acrobat Reader pdf is a file format of ample diffusion that allows, through a viewfinder (It marinates Acrobat Reader), of gratuitous distribution, to visualize archives of all type, in a visual format of great quality to the time that conserves the aspect that occurred him in origin. In order to open a document pdf it is necessary, in the first place, to have installed Marinates Acrobat Reader. If this requirement is fulfilled, it only must click double on the document and the document will be opened to the visualization program showing to him. We remembered to him that 11 CorelDraw and Photoshop 7 includes in their package a gratuitous version of Marinates Acrobat Reader. Although its operation is very simple, we will relate to him, in case it does not know them, the basic norms of use: If the document opens in way complete screen (it does not appear no element of control) and wishes to recover the bar of tools, the key presses ESCAPE. In order to see the document complete screen (and to return to normal vision), CONTROL+L presses. In complete screen it will be able to see with greater detail the text and the graphs. In order to change of page, it presses the keys AvPág and RePág. In Barra of tools it will be able to press on the corresponding bellboys stops: Dragging the leader in hand form, the image in the screen will be able to slide, in case its size does not allow to see it completely. If it needs to increase a zone specific, draws up a frame on the region that wishes to extend. East icon presses to locate itself in the first or last page of the document. It advances or it backs down a page. Also it can do it with the keys AvPág and RePág. Pressing on some of these three icons the page of the document one will adapt to the screen to different sizes. It will allow to look for words him in the document.

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