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Members must follow the General Rules while posting. For the General rules, please Click the following Link.


Rules more specific to this Forum.

There are three general types of posts we are looking for:
1. Descriptive or informative posts. Feel free to explain your views on a matter as you see them, WITHOUT belittling other views or proclaiming that your view is the 'correct one'. These should be conversation starters, and you should be prepared to face possible criticism, though you are free to respond.

2. Argumentative posts, that take a position on something. These posts should be logical, and well thought out. Please remember that others may not share your assumptions about life, so please realize others may disagree with your argument or its conclusions.

3. Question posts, if you seek clarification or information about some topic, or just to start a conversation.

You are free to try and convince others about your views, provided that you accept their criticism and are open to being convinced yourself. Conversations that degenerate into shouting matches will be dealt with harshly.

The way to avoid this is to either A. agree to disagree, and leave it at that, or, B. Go over your common assumptions to make sure you are looking at things in the same way, or interpeting things the same way.


The Xisto Team.

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Activists attacking israeli soldiers and support terrorist groups.Philosophy And Religion

The focus should be on the fact that these were NOT ships with humanitarian aid. Under the cover of aid, they want to smuggle arms for Hamas. They are NOT " Peace" activists. They are supporters of Hamas and Jihad.

Watch this http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

And this


It is Very Shocking to See These Peace Activist act like Terrorist.I hope cnn and other news station will show the world the truth of what happened on the Flotilla boat.It was not a "peace boat" or a humanitarian convoy..It was a deliberite terrorist attack against israel.We all know that if it were United stats of america they would blow up the boat in pieces beforeIt even gets near. That is the truth and we must stop this anti-semetic world before its too late.I am Worried that this world will be controled by Radical Muslims because we didnt stop them.Israel has one small tiny land...While the arabs have 50 or more.Will the world let another tragedy happen...Will the worl shuts its eye with their hand while watching between their fingers as the world welcomes terror and radical muslims...As they take over the world with brutal, barbaric force in the name of their ALLAH...The world must wake up before its too late and there will be no world left after Iran or other radical muslim country fires Nuclear bombs...History tells us muslims only Kill and destroy...They have never done any good for the worl in any way.-reply by zace

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