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Help With Accessing My Site I feel really stupid

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Ok, first off you should know that I only started learning how to do HTML, even though I'm progressing very quickly. One problem I've run into, is that I don't know how to access my site. I can login to it, and I can upload my files via Dreamweaver's FPT, but then I run into a problem. Say my site is sdesert.astahost.com and i upload the files from my computer RuneDesert/index.htm. What is the address of my index? I'm really confused about this... and I feel really stupid that I can't figure out something that is so simple.

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I higly reccomend you buy or download an ftp client such as FlashFXP it is far superior to dreamweaver with ftp.
then connect to:
ftp.astahost.com with your username and password
or ftp.yoursite.astahost.com with your username and password.
Anything in the public_html folder is visible to the world by defalut unless you edit the permissions of fiels (CHMOD).
And basically a file like index.html or php will should as the index for your folders (including public_html)
unless you otherwise eidt the index files of each folder through your cpanel or .htaccess.

Eg if you upload a file called index.html to your sites public_html folder
the url to this files would be
or if you had a parked domain http://ww38.yoursite.com/index.html

Hope I helped :P

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That helps, thanks. One other question: if i wanted to upload all of my files into public html, then I would simply put the ftp host directory as /public_html/ correct?If there is a guide on what all of the different folders mean, and how I can use them, I would appreciate someone pointing out where it is... Thanks again.

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Correct! You have to upload your entire site to /public_html/ and your Home Page must be renamed to index.html . If you need sub-directories/folders, create them also inside /public_html/ so you could access them too.

Here's a quick read for you to get yourself familiar with FTP: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

If you need more links, run a search on google.com using the keyword "FTP Tutorials" (without the quotes)

Hope that Helps :P

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