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Vampire LARP game in Hawaii

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free online virtual vampire worldVampire

I was wondering if u could make a free online virtual world of vampire and werewolves, that needs no downloading, installing, and u don't need to be a full member for anything and u can go all the way to level 102

 And u can fight, banshees, zombies, ghosts, other vampires, other werewolves, and other members, and you can say anything you want, and the words will be bold, cursive, and you can talk to people in private if you want to and nobody else will be able to see it if its set in private. You can type in numbers and you can type stuff incorrectly, EGZAUMPLE: when you type "you" instead you can type "u"

 If anybody is mean to you then you can report them and whatever realm they are in, they will be kicked out, and they can get reported at least 10 times then there account will automatically be deleted. And then if they want to stay on, they will have to make a whole entire new account

you can customize your avatar too. You can choose and create your own pet, ride, outfit, or accessories.

you can click on people and do an action with them EGZAUMPLE: you can click on them and click something like "kiss" or "slap" or "shake hand" stuff like that

you can add people to your friends list

you can type in your own name that you would like to be your game name and while you are in the virtual world it will be shown below your avatar and everybody will see it.

you can buy your own home and the choices can be a cave, a beach house, a castle, a trailor, doghouse, island, or a regular house, and the last choice would be a forest.

-reply by jessie

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