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Can Anyone Teach Me XOOPS ? Can Anyone

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Personally, i like to use Mambo. It got many features and the interface is nice.


Hey All,

I have tried most of the CMS as well. I also prefer Mambo. I have found it very easy to set up and maintain. You can see my dabbling with Mambo here.


If you have any specific question ... post.




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In a sense you don't learn xoops, you just need a general knowledge in sql and php, as with any CMS:Then benfits are:You will understand a script while you look and be able to read through the hole cms at various custom functions ectYou can start to modify the source and make cool things or add new things.

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First of all

you need to understand why you want to use a CMS


is it because the ease of getting a webpage to work

in a short amount of time


is it just general interest in the posibilities

you have a urge to learn more


is it because you dont know how to make a webpage youre self


you want the back end database ability but you dont know how to code it youre self


you want the back end database ability but you dont care to use

hours(months) making it youre self


you want and easy interface for updating content on a webpage


you just want to play around :P


or why is it?


anyway i am also testing out the abilities of mambo

and would posibly recomend it (although it dont work like i want it to)

because of the ease of making youre custom templates

but it is beta

and some concepts in mambo i find a little hard to understand right away.

but the basics are great


there is a new version(v.5) on its way wich will have dramatic changes to

how data is organized (and maby how you configure it?! - i dont know )


but as mentioned there is a lot of alternatives

It is common to test different CMS before sticking with one

you will find tools / webpages (google) comparing differnt CMS


ill just do som name(page) dropping










or just search http://sourceforge.net/ or alike for cms :)


but forget about all that for a moment

before you start looking at them

find out why you want a CMS :P

then you will spare youre self of much headache


or if the fact is you just want to play around and learn more

then it does not realy matter

but if you want to there will be help on xoops

just ask :)

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heimcomputer it's totally right... you need to tell us first what is it u want with a cms... For example.. i have a college newspaper published on phpnuke, because the topics layout is the appropiate for the newspaper needs.. but i also have a hip-hop portal running under xoops, because i manage a lot of different info and contents... (so, if you need help with xoops, i'll be more than happy to help with), ok. I also manage a little site for a company, so y use CMSimple, because it's very easy to edit, and the site doesn't need to be changing all the time, there are no news, etc..Hope to hear from ya soon

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