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Teaching Flash(For newble) who want to learn just come

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First step:


In case someone dont have any background of flash.

You may download flash MX 2004 here:



Here is a falsh tutorial from macromedia





Second Step: learn form examples (Snow effect):


I am posting some snow effect samples with tutorials

If I could find more later, I would post them. But I believe these samples will already help you SNOW....


Falling Snow



Snow Globe Effect



Making snow



Snowing Effect



Falling snow

I like this one, it more realistic



Falling down snowflakes

THis one is for banner




This looks more like blinking star to me





Second Step II learn from samples (clock):


Clock, for tracking how much time, you have wasted... ANd how close to the END... I guess

- must have some autoscripts knowledge


Analog Clock



Digital Clock



analogue clock

This one looks simpler



ok, this is not a exactly clock, it is a timer



Custom Date/Time Clock

I dont think anyone is going to put this on his/her website



a Binary Clock

Ok..... I think computers know how to read it




watch? anyway... same fuction..just different interface



how simple you want it be?



what can I say, it looks so cool





Second Step III Learn from examples (Preloader):


Reseach indicate most people cant wait over 7s .... With a 56k modem(IS anyone still using it???) it may take forever to load a flash... Preloader help those guys get more patience..


a simple preloader



all the preloader almost the same.

This is a fancy one




A cleaner and more graphic tutorial




this is all for today,practise more if you want to good at it

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before this year, which i'm in CG2 now, i tried learning flash through tuts similar to those, and i could never get it, but i've been learning it for the last 3 class periods,and i've already gotten all the basics and learned far more than i did in the 6 months i tried with tuts, i guess i'm just a hands on kind of guy, but maybe its flash thats difficult to learn with tuts, i dont know, but after getting the basics those tuts are nice

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