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wut is html? hyper text

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html means "hyper text markup language"which means that without it, you wouldn't be able to layout your website, it would just be plain text.but by using tags, you can tell how the text should be.for example <b>bold</b> will make the word bold be printed bold...<i>cursive</i> same thing, but cursive<img src="image.jpg"> will display an image.for more info, just search google for 'online html tutorial'marijn

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You can't do anything with your site, if you don't know what html is. . .however, you can use a wysiwyg software such as frontpage and dreamweaver. . .yes, I remember that I started with frontpage then go to dreamweaver, then editplus and php scripts.

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HTML is a language designed to put structure in plain text.


HTML is and CANNOT be used to make colour, fonts, sizes etc in text files. This is strictly forbidden by the W3C organisation. They have Deprecated all these functions, and using them is ILLEGAL html.


HTML is a very easy language, every HTML file is made based on the following structure:


<!DOCTYPE [...]>
   I am a happy title
 I am a happy body


Every HTML file MUST have all of these elements. A DOCTYPE is very very often forgotten, and a HTML file is invalid without it!

Your HEAD contains information about the file. Title, Author, Date, Keywords, Descriptions, Styles, etc. All those go here.

Your BODY contains all that will be visible to the user inside the document. This is the actual content of the file.


Mark that in HTML there are two types of structures. Block and Inline structures. Everything MUST be inside a structure. (Even if that structure is just the <body> structure, which is block). For example:

<p>I am a happy paragraph</p> <--- block

<a>I am a happy anchor</a> <--- inline

The diffrence is that block elements take up the entire width of their parent structure. The inlines just take up whatever they need.


This paragraph here is a block which contains an achor, this underlined thingy here. The anchor is inline, so it takes up what it needs inside the line. The paragraph takes up all the width and looks like an actual Block.


For a very good guide to HTML:



(this is actually XHTML, but if you want to start learning HTML now, you best learn XHTML as it's not too diffrent, and will soon replace all HTML that's now the web. So hey, why not.)

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