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Sloths As Pets

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Lately, it seems the Internet has been flooded with pictures of sloths. They are ape-like, slow, have long claws, and always have a smile. Some people have been rescuing them from the wild when sections of forests are being cleared and they have successfully been able to thrive out of their natural environment. They are picky about the kind of food they eat, so that's usually a bit of a challenge. In addition, there are two different kinds of sloths and their food varies depending on the kind you are looking at.


Sloths are not aggressive and they are slow enough for you to step away if you think one is agitated. Their long claws are used primarily to hang from branches, so it's unlikely that you'll see one attacking you with its claws. With enough care, you should be able to make your home a temporary shelter for a sloth.

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10 reasons why Dogs are better than sloths.

1. Who would want something with claws like that curled up in your lap?

2. Sloths are too slow to fetch a stick.

3. Sloths are too slow to bite a burglar.

4. Really, how do you know if a sloth is agitated?

5. Who knows how to house train a sloth?

6. Sloths do not come in a huge variety of sizes and colors and temperaments.

7. Dogs are not picky about what they eat.

8. You can't get any exercise walking a sloth

9. They don't sell sloth food at Walmart.

10. You can't teach a sloth to come, sit, stay, roll over or shake hands.

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