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I'll just start it over, You don't have to unlock it. Sorry I was away from home for a few days and not keeping up with the board here. That happens a lot with me. Always seem to be matters more pressing. Did an out of state road trip. To buy a dog of course. Why else would I go anywhere?


government transparency

tackling tax evasion

ongoing Syrian crisis


I have a lot to say about government transparency! We need a heck of a lot more of it. We do not need our government spying on us, we are the ones that need to be keeping an eye on them. When they won't allow the citizens to use our national parks and they will give money to make stupid line dancing movies or to show people what it feels like to be a cow, we dang sure need to be keeping an eye on them! Who is the idiot responsible for passing out this money for grants that are totally stupid to start with? They won't take care of the vetrans who did their duty but will gather and store information about us for 40 years, including every picture of our cars going threw a traffic camera, all our emails and phone calls. All this with no control over who has access to this information. All that can be used as evidence against us at any time they choose to paint a bullseye on any citizens back. And don't think I am a conspiracy theory nut, I have first hand experience at what the government will do to you if you ever piss them off.


Say your not doing anything wroung and you don't care if big brother is watching you? Better think again. What if you want to run for office, or even get a better job and someone finds a picture of you sitting in traffic picking your nose? (or something like that) What would that do to your campaigne? You can bet if you have someone running against you, or trying for the same job, if they could get their hands on that information they would darn sure use it against you.


Now as to tax evasion, well, they way they waste what money they do get, I honeslty don't care if they get all they think is coming to them anyway. When they make the tax laws so complicated nobody understands them and you have to hire your taxes done, things are just too complicated. If they would simplfy the tax codes, or find a different way to collect tax that problem would be solved.


As for the Syrian crisis, I don't know enough about that situation to make any intelligent comments. Say, why is it exactly we have world organizations like NATO anyway? Isn't it their job to handle these situations? Oh, wait, they are busy trying to unarm United States citizens and steal our property to deal with Syria!


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the G8 This year was held in My Country (Northern Ireland)

well for the Syrian crisis I would of being all for supporting the rebels and then they killed a priest and I am a catholic so I support the other group and hope the rebels are dealt with soon any support to arm such monsters is stupid.

tax evasion should be a crime and all businesses and people who commit it should be locked away and the key thrown away.

all governments should be transparent as far as possible they can not be open with everything which I understand why they have to protect national security (or in other words the ''Peace, order and Good Government'') they should be Transparent about money they spend though so as they are not spending money the wrong way,.

and I am absolutely against big brother tactics including Censorship, ID Cards, Spying of the state upon their citizens as much as possible.

sorry I did not go to much into the politics of the G8 I am not really into Foreign or International Politics. I Liked the Speech from Obama and His Wife then I stopped taking any notice I did record the rest of the event but deleted it from my sky after a few days all in all it was a peaceful and sunny day lets just hope it puts benefits into the Economy and we make back all the money paid for the event including security cost etc,.

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