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Hi Jarrad!


Welcome to Xisto :)


How about you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Australia ? As for us, here is how things work at Xisto :-


1. Start posting on the things you love : Write as much as you can on whatever you like.. We have plenty so don't hesitate.

2. Sign up at https://support.xisto.com/register.php with the email address you used here (if you used 123@email.com to register at Xisto , make sure to use the same at Xisto - Support)


3. Once you sign up at Xisto - Support , you will start earning virtual money called MyCent . You can redeem Mycent points for whatever xisto offers starting from domain registration, hosting right down to dedicated servers and designing solutions.


If you have questions about how & what to post, don't hesitate from posting here, it is pretty easy getting sufficient credit once you find your niche.

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Welcome Jarrad! Glad you found your way here. This is a pretty great place to earn free hosting credits, and make friends and learn all sorts of things. Do tell us more about yourself and interests. Do you have a pet? I of course, am a dog person.

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