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Php Framework Trends

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The Laravel framework for PHP has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and it just might surpass the popularity of Yii and CakePHP by early next year. In the PHP world, there is so much happening that every three years or so, you would find a new major framework that begins to gain massive adoption. In the earlier days, there was CakePHP, then there was CodeIgniter that did gain a greater adoption than CakePHP. CodeIgniter also had a Kohana fork (assuming that it is a fork rather than a clean-room implementation; correct me if I'm wrong). Next, came FuelPHP but it did reach a point when its adoption slowed down and the founding development team moved to the Laravel project. FuelPHP is still in active development and is catching up with version 2.0. However, Laravel is getting more users away from other frameworks and that could just give it the first mover advantage in the area that FuelPHP aims at getting into. I'm still picking up concepts in Laravel so it will be a while before I can post back to the forum about stuff that Laravel introduces, so keep reading to know more.

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