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Simple Flash Actionscript Animation In 3 Lines

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In this short tutorial I'm going to show you a very basic flash animation of a fan, just in 3 lines.


Assumed knowledge:

Familiarity with Flash Professional interface and drawing tools

1- Open Flash Professional


2- Click File>New and select Flash File (ActionScript 3.0)


Posted Image


3- Use the drawing tools (brush or oval) to draw a fan shape


Posted Image


4- Select the shape you just drew and hit F8 to convert it to a movieclip, give it a name

and make sure the registeration point is in the center, click OK


Posted Image


5- After clicking OK, the the movieclip you created needs an instance name. Select it and click PROPERTIES or hit Ctrl+F3 to open the properties window. Give it a name "fan"


Posted Image


Now for the code.


6- Select the first frame and open the ACTIONS window by hitting F9


Posted Image


7- in the actions window type the following (notice the comments on the code after a //:)


Posted Image


//This line means: every time the movieclip enter frame event hapens the function "rotatefan" runs


fan.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, rotateFan);


function rotateFan(e:Event):void{

//This line means rotating the fan around the registeration point(center in our case) 3 degrees clockwise

fan.rotation += 3;



//end of code

8- Save your fla and hit Ctrl+Enter to run compike and run.


Note: You could change the speed by increasing the rotation value.


The compiled swf could be found here

The source fla could be found here


I hope that helps introducing a beginner to flash actionscript animation


Comments are most welcome

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