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Tough On Teenagers

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I am almost starting to feel sorry for teenagers in this rampantly insane politically correct society. Several news stories in just the past week or so are prime examples of how some nut case liberals are taking things to the extreme. I have to wonder what these idiots did when they were teenagers. Did they just stay so stoned on pot they didn’t have the mind or energy to get into any mischief?

Here’s a link to one of the stories.

I mean seriously, crickets and frogs? Honestly, this isn’t even that great of a prank. It would have been much better to turn 3 hogs loose in the school, with the numbers 1-2-4 painted on their sides. Crickets and frogs live the world over, especially where there is any extra dampness, they are harmless critters, (actually make good fish bait so they are useful) I just can’t bring myself to see the harm in this silly little prank, but they are really nailing these 2 students. Aside from the fact that they are honor students, they have worked and studied for 12 years and now cannot attend their own graduation? That’s just ridiculous, and while that is bad enough, they may now have CRIMINAL RECORDS that will be with them and haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Then last night I heard on the news that several students in Ohio have been denied their diplomas for at least some time, until they perform the community service they were given because their PARENTS cheered too loud and long at their graduation ceremony. The parents mind you, not the kids. How crazy is that? First off, the kids have no control over the actions of their parents, and second, those parents had every right to be proud of their children and have every right to cheer for them. High school graduation is a major accomplishment, and something all parents are excited for their children to accomplish.

But the saddest of all is the poor girl who got thrown in JAIL for missing too much school. She also was an honor student, made good grades even with her absences. However, the reason for her absence is the real kicker in this story. The girl is only 17 years old, but their parents abandoned her and her 2 siblings, and the older girl was going to school and working 2 jobs to support her siblings. The judge who heard her case said there was no tolerance for her absences from school and put her in jail for 24 hours. Fortunately, since the story ran on Fox News, the cry of outrage has made the judge reconsider his decision, and they even went as far as to expunge the poor girls records, however, no amount of apologies and back tracking can make up for what I am sure was a horrifying experience of spending 24 hours in a jail cell with other real criminals for an innocent 17 year old honor student. I find it totally shameful that someone with the determination and fortitude to do the right thing and take care of her family should be punished so.

How can any of these punishments even possibly fit the “crime” committed? A criminal record for you life that will prevent you from getting a good job and making advancements for the rest of your life? Nightmares of being trapped in a jail cell while worrying if your siblings were ok? What on earth are the people in charge thinking of? When on one hand you have school officials who pass students who don’t do their school work and therefore don’t pass, and those students get a free pass to the next grade because hold them back might damage their self esteem, how can they justify what they did to these kids? This world is just becoming crazy beyond belief.

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Yes, that is absolutely correct, I had been in the teaching profession for a long time and I know the school authorities would pressurize us to pass the students, even if they were not sincere at all with their stuff, just to avoid any kind of bad name getting associated with the school, we all had to try hard to make these students pass by conducting extra classes, even repeating lessons if required, yet some of them did not seem to be interested at all.they were eager to indulge in intoxication and could held for eve-teasing, but no action was taken against them. What I get to read in the story that sheepdog has linked to, is really nowhere close to sanity, and more than sure that the people who act as police for teenagers, were far worse themselves and somehow it is always easier to punish others, just a display of their superiority and power, but what has gone wrong with the judiciary? Why did they fail to give an insightful thought over the 17 year old girl, and left her to experience misery in the jail? Truly scared of this world now.

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