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The Secrets Of The White House Kitchen Garden

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The First Lady of America, Michelle Obama brings her fun side out in the book "American Grown:The Story of The White House Kitchen and Garden Across America". The book will be put on sale today.

Mrs. Obama discusses about how her kitchen garden has managed to grow only five pumpkins that too in the course of three years.She terms the cantaloupes in her garden as

produced perfectly shaped but tasteless

Another interesting feature in the book is that the beehive at White House stands really close to the President Obama's basketball court.

The book is ornamented with well-photographed examples of the garden's produce with images of the family dog,Bo. Besides recipes, the book focuses on a serious matter of concern,i.e.,child obesity.With sound statistics,provided by an Army person,it includes varied ways of tempting children to healthy eating,and adopting exercise into their daily regime.

The list of acknowledgements includes several people along with the staff that takes care of the White House kitchen and garden.The stress on physical activity is intensified as Mrs. Obama supports the same with her going for 142 hula hoop revolutions on the South Lawn.A photograph of this can be found in this section.

Crown Publishing Group is the publisher of the book and the proceeds reportedly would be going to National Parks Foundation.


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Well I never would of taken Michelle Obama as a garden enthusiest and certainly not a bee keeper. I wonder how many gardeners the American tax payers are supporting to keep her pumpkin patch weeded? And people who have to work for a living don't really have the energy to play hula hoop. Must be nice to vacation all over the world and play at gardening and kids games and tell other people how to live a healthy life style.

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