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Phenomenal Rajnikant !

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Indian cinema, it is a grand concept, you will also find the term "Gods of Indian Cinema", can you guess why someone could be given that title? One reason could be their influence over the industry, or their contribution towards the reputation of cinema or it can be their superhuman qualities usually shown in the movies. Talking about superhuman qualities,there is a name that requires special mention is that of Rajnikant. He is an industry in himself considering the number of fans he has. His original name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. He worked as a bus conductor and struggled a lot in the beginning, but eventually rose to become one of the most successful and highest paid actors in the country. His highlight as an entertainer is his own peculiar style of exhibiting mannerisms. The way he swirls his glasses, scenes where a whole country's army fails to face him and he blows them like dried leaves, throwing his cigarette in air and lighting it up with a gun, and the best one being :o when a bullet is fired to him, he cuts it into pieces and diverts it to the villain's side, are more than awesome. I don't think anyone else could carry those unrealistic actions out with the same conviction. People in the southern part of India almost place him on the stature of worship. He understands the audience's mind and acts accordingly. How fanatically he is followed can be seen in Tamil Nadu, for them he is not just a super star, he is a mega star. Some time back when he was hospitalised, fans lost their sleep and began to pray for him like they would never do for even themselves. Now do you have an idea of what the above mentioned term actually refers to???? :P

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