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What's Your Approach Towards Relationships?

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Through the course of our life , we come across many events which helps in gathering informal education i.e. lessons learnt from experiences and relationships play a vital role in this kind of education. Most people complain that they have been unlucky in relationships, probably they are right and their number is high . The question that comes to our mind is that is it really luck or we can help ourselves, if yes how? Is training going to help ? How can that be possible? I think we need to analyse not in a bookish manner, considering the realistic bent of life. What we usually do is carrying the rosy idea of love that we might have studied in some book or watched a film about undying eternal love. When reality strikes, it is all shattered. Love can,t be rationalised, so how to handle it? We can at least try by realising what is more important...... poetic concept of love or love as a part of real life. I know most of you will go for the latter one. If you are wooing somebody, then it is important the desired also shows interest, or there is a sound chance of heartbreak, anyways. Already in a relationship, then try to understand your partner's ideas, when you do so for a long time, the other, however insensitive he/she is will start to show interest in your set of ideas as you will successfully sow the seed of faith in them. Now comes the infidel lot, even if you try changing them, its useless, and there is a lot more to do than trusting the disloyal partner again, because they don't deserve this, and can repeat the traits. The way I cite things might sound like an unromantic,cynical and cruel, but that would yield strong relationships because reality can be kept aside, can't be done away with. It is entirely genuine that emotions can't be based on estimations, but emotions also shouldn't take over and make us flow with their course blindly, also nothing can be termed as certain in relationships, still as an effort to strengthen our relationships, a sensible if not logical approach can be maintained.

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