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Handling Infidelity

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Infidelity is a matter of concern in relationships, they say its a recent phenomenon but do you believe that? It was there from the time of the birth of relationships, as relationships bring people together, a scope for disloyalty always remains. Nearly for last fifty years, the factor seemed to get a raise as a regular feature , might be part of the trend, in the same way like trends cannot be justified, even infidelity can't be supported with a logical ground. What makes someone infidel, is it easy to find an answer, no as the matter is subjective. . would you have any reason enough to justify your disloyalty. Some people think and answer that they don't find their partner attractive anymore, or someone else more attractive or it is not working with them being together.If we analyse these reasons then :1) one who feels attraction fades with time must not forget that the same rules of nature apply for him, and should be able to accept it when his partner cheats on him for the same reason2)the fact that you are in love with someone makes that person attractive for you, if you find someone who is more attractive then that chance will be ever-occurring in life, so that means you will always be cheating and yes should be prepared that your partner meets a better alternative before you do so, as I talked about the chance, you can also opt to wait for the best (whatever time that may require) to avoid comparisons.3)none of us are machines and to work out is mostly exercising, so if following love is not to follow a regime, then there is only one meaning that working out can refer to i.e. you are incompatible, so fall apart and give yourselves time, cheating won't help.Another common reason is lack of attention from the partner which makes the other partner feel like finding someone else, or simply any "extra" (which can be done without) relation may be a result of impulse. Whatever strong reason you present, you can't support infidelity not even as fun, as it will be difficult for you to accept it as well. .

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