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Sharing A Few Pieces Of Experience In Relationships

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As I come across so many topics discussing relationships, I really feel tempted to share a bit of my observation. I have always been categorised as a jolly smiling face,right from the stage of infancy(when I was plumpy ),My mother recalls that I was the one who was responsible for causing fights among older children as to who would pick me up first. As I grew up, the plumpy baby was mocked at , and then was better known as fatty! Don't you find that amusing? these same people who fought for me, were now fighting with me. Being super thankful to God, I was gifted with a rock solid mother. She didnt give a second thought standing up for me, and encouraged me to opt for extensive exercise.As obedient as I am, I readily agreed and put my best in, slimming down in just three months,what a makeover that was! It was then when I realised that she was my first support pillar. Ah! I really love to have her. After a long gap of nine and a half years, I had a sister born to me. Honestly, I wasn't that happy, probably sibling insecurity had come to effect. Eventually, with passing time, I could gladly see that my little sister was able to understand me quite well, at times better than my mother. I still have the privilege of communicating with her effortlessly. You got it correct, she is the next support pillar in my life. Now that I have become matured enough as a married and working woman, I cant help missing them and the comfort I shared with them. So I have mentioned that I am married and miles away from mom and sis, guess whom I rely upon now, easy one...... my husband. Its nice to have him support me as the latest pillar,( though we still need to face the tests of time). Before you start thinking that its a very enviable kind of life that I am blessed with, its blasphemy to put a stop without mentioning about my father, in the worldly terms, he has passed away, but I can feel that he is right up there directly connected, functioning as my base support, being a part of my soul.

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