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Create Your Own Web Game, No Programming Required

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Well it's nothing special , might help somebody , but not creative or futuristic.If you want real game , do a real game and learn HTML5/CSS3/PHP :)

I know it's crazy old, but I think I need to challenge this.


Firstly, let's start with the basics. It's a website that helps you make an extremely simple text based RPG. I've never personally found these to be fun at all, but I'm sure there's people that like them. Text based RPGs are a game, and how creative they are is up to the user. Even with a preconstructed game building tool such as that website provides, it gives you the ability to make your world, your enemies, and your characters all unique. This is an important part of an RPG. Imagine, you're playing the newest Final Fantasy game. You've looked forward to this forever - what could they possibly do to improve upon Final Fantasy? You fire up the game, and the characters are all dull and lifeless, the world is nothing but a tiled set of four generic areas including plains, mountains, desert, and forest, and every enemy is a goblin with variable HP depending on your level. It would be an awful game, save for its comedic value.


A service like this really helps a person flesh out their world in an interactive way, and allows practice in telling stories in various ways. Telling someone to learn HTML5, PHP, and CSS3 is great. The thing about it is, though, scripting languages and especially higher level programming languages are brutal to learn, especially if you try to teach yourself. If a person is able to learn to program, that's great, but a person who has no desire to do that should never be forced to understand much more than the basics - what is a variable? How can I make simple logic? How can I turn simple logic into complex logic? Those are the questions that should be on any future game creator's mind, even if they don't like programming. Think about it, a person has a great idea for a game, but suddenly, we live in a world where that cannot be validated unless that person learns to code it from the ground up. Not only are they wasting time that the game could have already been put into a very rough alpha version and released for playtesting and review, they're probably going to end up resenting programming as a whole.


The point there is that there is often never a reason to fabricate your own engine from the ground up. Look a video games, how diverse and plentiful they've become over just thirty years. When it comes to making a game from scratch, there's probably already a solution to what you're doing. Find an open source version of that game's engine and tweak it if you need to. The faster you get a game from in your head/from on paper into an actual working prototype, the faster you'll be able to find out whether or not the game is even fun to play, and that's really the most basic need - can people enjoy my game, no matter what form it has taken right now? Tools like this are great for beginners and veterans alike. There's never a reason to say that a game made with a tool such as this, or any other tool, such as Game Maker or BYOND, aren't "real" games. They're as real a game as Mario or MegaMan, the important part is how much fun they are to play. If the idea's great, shoot for the stars; get a team together and make it something huge.

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I am always sceptical whenever somebody mentions about a game studio or game engine that lets people develop their own game without knowing even a thing about programming. I tried a software product that made such a claim in the late nineties and was rather disappointed. Ever since, I have been questioning the ability of any program to be able to create games without the user being able to do any kind of programming. Being a programmer, I find some of these game-creating software products to be more complicated than actually programming a game, or to be far too limited to create anything interesting.
If there were a website or software product that was solely targeting role playing games, then I would be interested to try it out. Sure, not everybody loves those games, but consider how much fun the Monkey Island series from Lucas Arts was. Day of the Tentacle was also worth the countless hours spent playing it, although initially the idea of a tentacle taking over the world seemed to take it a bit too far but later the story kind of grows on you because the game creates an immersive experience for anyone playing it because of the level of detail in the storyline and game play.

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