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Lan From Laptop To Desktop

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I recently set up a wireless signal in my home. The DLINK WirlessN 150 ADSL 2+ Broadband Router is hooked up to my desktop computer and a cable Internet modem.

My Internet connectivity is fine ... I'm hooked up and everything is great getting online via my wireless laptop which is connected thru wifi

What I'd like to do now, and I don't know how to accomplish, is to be able to share files back and forth between the desktop and the laptop. My desktop is my main work computer, so I find myself running between them with a thumb drive swapping files back and forth.

I'd also love to be able to print from the wireless laptop ... my printer is currently hooked up directly to my desktop.

and i also i would like to play games thru Lan ........ .........

I know these steps are possible. I just don't know how to do it. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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That all task are pretty simple, but you will have to mention your OS and its version. If are you using windows XP just create small office/home network through network setting. I think both of your laptaop and desktop are using different versions of Windows. So, Please first mention your OS and its Version.

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