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How To Dowload All The Pictures From A Foum Thread?

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Is it possible to download all the pictures from a thread including its multiple pages?For example, in a thread there are more than 100 thumb sized pics redirecting to some image hosting site like picrazy or photobucket which has a full size pic, i want to download them all at a go, including the multiple pages which that thread has.look at this thread.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
i want to download all the pictures from that thread but its a tidious job to go to a single pic right click and save it. Is it possible using a script or any software i can download it all?and at some thread there are pics available at full size in the thread itself, so is it possible to download them also at a go including all the pages in the thread.i had tired bulk image downloader but the problem with that is it only download the pictures which are in the thread, its doesn't download the pictures which are in the hosting site, just the thumbsized pics.

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