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Alright I hav this girl ive known for 4 months we started out as friends then I made it known I liked her she started coming over 2 my apt we stayed up watching movies made out then she wud sleep with me we didn't hav sex. We did this for awhile then one day we didnt talk all day she finally answered me saying she cudnt do, this anymore she still loved her ex and cudnt b with me while still n lov with him even tho she didn't want to b with him. So we didn't talk for a wk and she text me saying how much she she misses me and wish we cud still stay friends so I agreed bc I cared about her then the next night she text me saying she needs *BLEEP* so I go over ther and were doing 4 play and she stops before I get mine if u no wat I mean lol locked herself n the bathroom told me to leave and I did. She told me the next day that she wants us to b n lov before we hav sex and its how she felt. So we continue to stay friends then recently we were both at seperate parties and she was texting me how she was playing strip poker with guys she difnt no so I stopped texting her and after that someone text me I dont no and I say hey then they call me a liar then the girl I like calls me a liar and it was about something that wasnt even a lie so this goes on for 2 days where she keeps accusing me then one morning she says she believes me then we talk about it all day then we get into it bc she difnt seem to care that she did it she tolf me to get over it wats funny is right before this she said I meant the world to het. Well later on she says that all we can b right now is friends maybe something n the future c wat I havnt said is im 23 and shes 18 but still lives with her parents and is still n school. So during r time she said she wants to b with me too butshe wud hav to hide me from her parents bc she has to listen to them while she lives ther. But anyway wen she told me that we cud only b friendsi told her well I cant b ur friend right now bc I cant stay ur friend knowing we cant b together and I cudnt bear her with another guy so I ended it she got pissed told me never to contact her again I asked y is she so pissed and she said well ill ttyl im going to walmart which is where I wk. So she gwts ther im,working she walks around the dept smiling at mesays hi then says bye to me, then 2 hrs later shes back n ther doing the same thing bc I didnt text her and told me bye ill ttyl lol. Well I decide to talk to her again we talk alotand she came over and we talked and she said she talked to her friends and they said I was a keeper and she needs to b with me so she told me she wants to b with me now but she wants to go real slow to clear her head she wudnt even let me kiss her even tho weve done it alot even as friends but she said she didnt want to screw this up so this is my story I just want to no,wats going on thanks.

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