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Tribute To Sai Baba

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Om Sai RamTRIBUTE TO SATHYA SAI BABADear Brothers & Sisters of SAI FAMILYMy name is Suneet Khosla and I stay in Bangalore ( India ) . I first visited SWAMI ( Sathya Sai Baba ) in 1970 . I have been fortunate to grow under SWAMI?s GRACE and SWAMI became SAI MAA for me over the years . In the last forty years I have had the fortune of living with the college boys in Whitefield during my holidays without being a student of Swami?s college , attending two summer courses , one a unique one at Ooty in 1976 , many interviews with Swami , and most important had the golden opportunity of his visit to our home in New Delhi in 1972 . I have been a witness to many miracles at Whitefield , Puttaparthi , in our house and most important I have been one of his miracle cures in 1970 due to which I am alive today . My own experiences , experienced by me , experiences of others seen by me , experiences of others shared by others with me are so many that I can?t share with you all in one mail . I have , as most of you have felt the great loss of his physical body . Yet it is remarkable that he is still there , still taking care of us , still give us his love selflessly without discrimination of colour , caste , religion or sex . I have been saddened by the type of insuations being made against his name . Based upon the words , accusations , insuations , actions of few , all this against whom our SAI MAA , the Divine who never spent a penny on herself and only believed in GIVING , I thought instead of refuting them , fighting against them , let us enlighten them on who was SATHYA SAI BABA. Was he the educational Institutions , the performer of charitable works known to all , the head of an institution worth Rs.40000 crores as is said and may be true . No , SAI MAA or SWAMi was more . He touched the life of millions , they lived the values of universal brotherhood taught by him . He was the only support of many . Each person could write a book on his experiences with Swami . Let us each one of his followers share our personal experience , without exasaration , truthfully with those who missed out on it . Let the world know how many were touched . How many experienced his Grace . Reveal yourselves publicly both for dispelling the darkness to those who speak against him as well as a TRIBUTE TO THE LORD who will always be for us our SWAMI . Share with your brothers & sisters & let the world know the EXTENT of his reach , Let this also remind us all , those who manage his work and those who have been blessed by him during his physical advent to follow his path as that is the only TRIBUTE we can give to our Lord . Let us start so that by Guru Purnima , the world can be immersed in his bliss thorugh the experiences of HIS Devotees . My request for you to share this with all devotees you know or share with others they know . I start by narrating one of my personal experiences and wish to forward by adding YOUR EXPERIENCES . Let there be a MILLION TRIBUTES . MY FIRST TRIBUTEI would like to pay my first tribute . I came to Swami in 1970 with my mother from Delhi . I was a patient of Nyphrytus & colour IVP X rays , biapsy had revealed that my membrane in the kidney was damaged . Albumin , pus cells , blood cells , swelling , extreme weakness persisted for years before that . Doctors i.e. Allopaths , Homeopaths , Ayurveds , Unani , Witchcraft , Yoga Guru , Faith healers had all been approached by desparate parents . Dailysis was non existent in India . I had been told that it was not reversible Transpalnts were expensive and unaffordable and not done in India . We came to Sathya Sai Baba and in his ashram he called us in for an interview on the third day of visit . In the interview room he spoke to us in Hindi and astounded us by telling us the diagnosis , our personal details and things about which only each individual being or his God know , all this without a word uttered by us . He lovingly created vibhuthi , rubbed it on my abdomen and back and assured my mother and me that I would be well . To me Sathya Sai Baba became SWAMI then , ( Sai Maa ) much late . I knew that this is who they call God and that I am well . I refused to eat medicine and insisted on eating Dosa full of oil and salt . Oil and Salt was taboo, I had not had for years . Mother fought and I agreed not to have dosa but refused medicine . In our thirteen day stay , he called us in thrice and repeated the Vibhuthi application . He asked us to go back and get a check up done at AIIMS . We returned , the check up was done , SURPRISE , No Albumin , No Pus Cell , Since 1970 till now I am hale & healthy without that illness . I WRITE TO YOU ALL because this life has been given by him and I have tried to live my life , keeping in mind the association of his name with mine . My values are his grace . I am what he has made me . Om Sri Sai Ram

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