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Please Help Me Did he try to hurt me?

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please read, I need a help


I broke up from a serious relationship after a year. my ex was close to a girl, so I decided not to talk to him. I was just trying to help myself.

He called me back in about 2 weeks after I decided to get lost. honestly, I was so inviting. and I knew that he and the girl, didn't make it.

and then we were like in a relationship for about 3 weeks, everything was better than before, we both know we were more than just friends.

But suddenly he said that he was close to another girl (again?). new girl, not the last one. and lately I heard that he's been with that girl for about a month.

so, he was walking with three of us, and no one knows. he lied to me. he said sorry... sorry.. sorry... and sorry... He said that he's going to be in a serious relationship with this new girl, he said that to me. how could he say that to me? did he try to hurt me straight?

I feel like... oh God.

what should I do?

I don't know what I feel.

My friends say that I should just forget it. moving on with my life. "just forget it, you're so stupid. He played a game, you shouldn't be there."

That's not easy, after all this time.

unfortunately, I still forgive him. actually miss him. and sometimes worry about him. (Gosh my friends say "you should not care, even if he's dead under your car.)

he's a jerk. but... I don't know.

Please help me, I appreciate. :)

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What you feel is pretty normal, it is not easy to get of the relationship fast but I hope you get over by now. You know, you just can't accept that it ended that way, that's why you can't get out and you must realize that kind of man is weak and can't resist temptation. You will always get hurt if you stay with him.

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