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Creativescape? - #1 Private Server!

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CreativeScapeďż˝ Ultime Private Server

I decided to make my own server, where all my friends would come and relax from boring RuneScape. All i wanted is to get our old sweet Edge pking back. Server is very fun and easy playing. We got all 21 skills to train, you don't also need to play months to get a decent stat. By the way - we are server with 24/7 hours uptime. :) Enjoy the server!

To Play you will need to download the new CreativeScape Client:
> CreativeScape Client [20mb]
OR you can play from your browser:
> CreativeScape Web-Client

CreativeScape Trailer
> http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

* Flawless Combat system.
* Every single 21 perfected skill working.
* Working Bonuses, Special attacks, Auto Retaliate, Vengeance and Ring of Recoils.
* Barrows keys and chest Mini-Game.
* God Wars Area Mini-Game.
* Treasure Trail Mini-Game with over than 100 item rewards.
* Kalphite Queen who drops santa hats.
* Mage Bank wizards 3rd age item Mini-Game.
* TzTok-Jad Fire Cape Mini-Game with a single wave on it.
* Working PKPoints used to join clans.
* Every single Magic Spell working.
* Many Multi-Combat Zones.
* Very creative and fun server!


Enjoy server ;)

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Hey everyone! this server is amazing i highly reccommend it as i have been playing servers for about 2-3 years now and this is THE best server i have ever played with a very stable economy new players will easily be able to jump right into the server! the staff is very nice and will answer your questions immediately there is almost always a mod or admin on also the owner (r0cky 0wnz) is on a lot too so if you have a question you can ask him as well! hope to see you join after you join you can add me Brewer and i will help as well hope to see you on!

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