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Is A Girl Serious When She Has Been Dating For 5 Months And Goes To Her Boyfriends To Meet His Parents?

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Hi!Im writing out of desperation for anybodys expert opinion.I am a complete amature when it comes to dating.Sorry if I write such a long story.There is a girl I have fallen in love with.I can easily see myself spending the rest of my life with her.She has a boyfriend she has dated for 5 months,and now they are going to his parents for spring break.Im very scared she will get married!I think im only a small peice of her life.I dont really get to talk to her very much,only because im so busy.It feels very messed up how I feel.When I talk to her about it,she sounds like its going well.I take care of one of her animals.She really thanks me A LOT,Like gose out of her way kind of.Then if I text her a question,she responds with a happy face by itsself.Dont know if it means anything!Then she really tells me how wonderful it is to have me around,and how she misses me.Yet she is still dates her boyfriend?!?I do fell she gets turned off talking to me,because I get nervous around her.Im trying to get past that....(Sorry if I go off track.)She knows I like her...she dos'nt know to my extent.She did make it clear not to send flirty texts,only if it has to do with her pet.I broke that rule once,not knowing she had a boyfriend.Maybe all im is just someone who takes care of her pet!?!Im sure I have sucker written on my forehead!....but I love her!She had mentioned in the past she wished I had a twin brother.Dont know if she was just happy or she really ment it.She is always really nice and smiles a lot.When I do talk to her with confidence,she seems to really like to talk with me.And not to sound highschool about it,but she will even park next to me!When her boyfriend dose come out,she acts quiet around me,but will talk to everyone else no problem.When I ask her about him,she dosent sound exited about him.She probably dosent want to hurt my feelings.I think she says some flirty comments once in awile.So PEASE!...anyone with experiance can answer were she stands with me?I know I need to be slapped around....so fire away!

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