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God Turns Your Mess Into A Message

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Chariots of Fire-The 1981 Oscar winning movie portrays the life of a Scottish athlete Eric Liddell. He represented his country at 1984 Summer Olympics at Paris. His life throws light to the people that whoever stands for Christ are never put into shame. He was practicing hard for his best event -100meters for Olympics. People were sure that he will win a gold medal for his country. But the heat for the 100 meters was on a Sunday. His Parents who were missionaries working in China had taught him that Sunday was the day of Lord. He withdrew from the heats as it was on Sunday. People considered him as a fool. They reminded him about his hard work, his dreams. They hurled insults at him. They reminded him that losing a gold medal would be a loss for the country. As the schedule for the event was put months before his decision to withdraw was made known in advance.

But an athlete withdrew from 400 meters an event in which Eric used to shine before. He agreed to compete for 400 meters. It was about four times the distance he had practiced. But he never considered it as foolishness to run a 400 meters race because he trusted in Almighty, rather than his abilities or experience. Yes, he made a new Olympic record of 47.6seconds in 400 meters. He testified that on the day of the event an American Team masseur slipped a paper on which was written-

I will honor those who honor me -1 Samuel 2:30

He became a missionary and followed the path of his parents. He went to China and worked there. He died there in 1945 in a war camp. His life and his faith speak for him even today.

Our values and principles that we stand for might be challenged. People might call us as fools. They will not find any meaning for the sacrifice and laugh at us. But 1 Peter 1:7says

Their [trials] purpose is to prove that your faith is genuine.

God might sometimes ask you to do things that sound illogical to us. We might not understand the purpose of it. Sometimes we feel like questioning God. In our story above of Eric Liddell, when he heard about the schedule could have questioned Almighty. He could ask God-Lord I have been serving you faithfully till now. You know that winning this 100 meters race is my dream. You know how hard I have toiled for it day and night. Then still why did you keep the heats on Sunday? You could have worked in the minds of those who were fixing the schedule and kept it on other days. He could have complained and even moved ahead saying God understands my dreams or would have consoled himself saying it is just one Sunday,I will never again sacrifice another Sunday.He could have given the heats on Sundays. Instead he trusted God. He did not give his own explanation. He stood in what he believed. Moreover, he considered the reward in heaven, bigger than all the accomplishments of the world. God honored him on earth itself. If he had won gold medal for 100 meters people would have accredited that to his hard-work. But now Almighty alone is glorified.
Dear sometimes we might not understand how God works. We might only see a part a picture. But God in His all wisdom sees the full picture. He knows what is good for you. He knows what job you should take up and in what position you should work.

Romans 8:28 says- In all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom He called according to His purpose

. If you are a child of God take heart my friend, All things indeed work for your good.

Jeremiah 29:11 says I alone know the plans for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.

If you take a second and think, will any earthly father do anything that will bring harm to his kid. In the same way our Heavenly father only brings Life. But we do not obey our Heavenly Father as we want stuffs from Him, but we love Him. When we think about the sacrifice, the price he has paid to save us by giving His life, until there was no more blood in His body, that water oozed out when He was pierced, no sacrifice made by us will be worthy enough.
Can we surrender our life to His hands once again and pray as Jesus taught us-Let your will be do earth as it is Heaven.? God is not looking for people who are smart but those who have a heart to respond His heart calling to become people after Gods own Heart.

If you feel that you dont know God or He is no one related to you take a second and think. What if there is a Heaven and hell and there is life after death? My friend it will be too late at that time. Whatever is your sin however bad your life is today, however guilty you feel about it, Gods love for you is bigger than all those sins and guilt. Remember no one can go to Heaven by good deeds or not just hurting anyone or helping poor. All these are good but not a way to Heaven. Only way to heaven is Jesus. Jesus says-I am the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the father but through me. This is not a preaching but Life. Life on earth is just like a sleep. You will wake up in the morning and find that all this life was just like a dream. You have an eternal life. Just ask Jesus to come into your life. Just say to Him- Lord, you came to this world to save me from my sin. I acknowledge that. Come into my life. Take control of my life. Wash me with your blood. Pray to Him to reveal Him to you. God sometimes speaks directly sometimes through nature, sometimes in prayer, sometimes through Bible, sometimes through people. Again He is asking you today-Will you surrender your life to me? I will turn your mess into a message A message that will spread Love and Fragrance?

As someone has said-There is no Repentance in grave. Do it now.

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