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Inserting A New Line In Visual Basic 6 With Option Button

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Hey. I need a help in Visual Basic 6.I'm trying to make an "online store"So for example, I have an Item, then I have 3 option button for Small, Medium and Large and a Command Button as "ADD TO LIST" and a Text Box. The purpose of the Text Box is there it will appear the price and the transaction.What I want to happen is whenever I will click option button 'small' then I'll click the ADD TO LIST, the first price will appear in the text box. For example, the price for small is $20.00Then when I click the option button 'medium' then ADD TO LIST, the second price will appear in the text box UNDER the first price which is the $20.00. Then again, when I click the option button 'large' then ADD TO LIST, the price for large will appear UNDER the first and second price. In summary, what I want to happen is I whenever I will click the button ADD TO LIST, it will insert in a new line. Not overwrite the first. I want everything to show up.If you didn't understand, please don't hesitate to ask. I JUST REALLY NEED A HELP WITH THIS ONE. BADLY!! PLEASE, ANYONE?Thanks in advance. Have a good day!Marco.

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