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Ubuntu Mid/lg Gs505 Running Linux on GS505

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first off, im no coder. i don't understand terminal codes, or really anything that isnt explained. i just a guy with a dream.i own a LG GS 505 phone. http://www.lg.com/us/support-mobile/lg-GS505 im trying to run Ubuntu MID on my phone. aka make a tiny computer. i believe its possible!!! i have a post on Ubuntu Forums which helps explain what i have done.right now if i plug in my phone, (im running Ubuntu) i can see the files on diskthey are Audio LGSYS Other Files Pictures Video (if i delete these files they respawn) (they are backed up)then the strange ones.boot.msg bootfs.img initrd0.img install.cfg install.sh ldlinux.sys (<--this one has a lock icon on it) rootfs.img syslinux.cfg vmlinuzi think these are linux install files. thing is, how do i get them to boot from my phone?if i can get them to boot (like a Live CD) and change boot to phone (like dual boot) that would be nice.or if i have to wipe my system ill do that. though i do want text, call function.how can this be done?

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