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Hello everyonei just saw this phone yesterday in hands of my friend and i tested it a bit. the first thing you will see is the home screen of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and with its green color (from the default theme) and black body looks so beautiful. at the first see i found that the thing that rounds the camera lens is movable and you can use it as a stand for watching movies or doing video calls using your phone but the camera lens itself is not protected, i think a lens protector is needed in new phones but we can't see those nice old protectors with this new slim deign. the camera is just like other 5MP from other phones without xenon flash. when you open the stand thing behind the phone the color of behind it really annoyed me i don't know why they have chosen that color. the LCD is big and with many natural colors you can enjoy every image you have taken in it, it is really strange that this phone doesn't have a memory card slot which seems related to its operating system.the camera quality is average as many phones today are equipped with a 5MP camera but when it comes to video recording then it has something to say, video quality is better but again it doesn't seem to be a real 720p and much like an upscaled version of lower resolution but it is enough for a phone. the wifi seems to be a little low range , i mean i was able to connect to wifi hotspot with my htc desire but my friend didn't even succeed to locate that hotspot and so when we went indoor then it located the connection and connected to it. now about the operating system, actually it is a beautiful operating system, many menus are beautiful but scrolling is a little slow. the first thing that was interesting for me is the cloud service which will synchronize your phone with live.com mobile service and so you can share your photos and many other things. when you browse their website using your pc you will be able to locate your phone if it is stolen and you can manage your data remotely. the default gps map is bing map which is not very detailed and user friendly but you can use some unofficial release of google map which was completely functional and enjoy finding your way easily. but what are disadvantages ? actually there is nothing available in WP7, for every simple thing to do you need another software, it is more like a beta release. for example yo can not do a simple copy/paste ! or seeing flash files in browser, you can not send your favorite picture to your friend using bluetooth because file transfer using bluetooth is not available and we didn't find any alternative software for doing that and it seems to need a firmware update to be released for doing such a thing.these problems made this phone a little uneasy to use and you even can not do many regular things with it, this is why in xda-developers there are many peoples wanting android to be ported for WP7. so here we can see another mistake from microsoft just many worse than their previous mistake (win vista). again android is rucking the world of smart phones and maemo is still available for professional ones.

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