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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood how was it ?

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Hello everyone i have finished this game yesterday and i started this topic to say how good or bad was it. first of all i should say i'm a fan of assassin's creed series and i really enjoyed the first version but i had no chance to play second version completely, the dvd of the game was crap and i never finished the second version so i was counting days for the next version.Brotherhood starts right after second version so i had to know what happened in the second version completely so i went to youtube and saw some stage by stage videos to see the story and i should say if you haven't played second version you have to see its story otherwise i suggest you to don't play brotherhood because you will not understand the story complete. the game took me about 23 hours to finish so it this version is not very short but not very long too. Graphic has some major improvements, physics of the game was awesome and the way characters move are great but there are some little bugs. in this version you got more weapons but i found only two of them working for me most of the times (i don't say which :P but if you play it till 60% of game you will find!). the story was not very nice as the first version but the game is not very based on its story in this version. the goal is releasing the Rome and for doing this you can train other peoples to join your group. there is some controlling features which lets you to send you group members to other countries to kill specific persons which will let you to gain some special features.i had some problems with the game, one of them is cutscenes which you can escape them by pressing any key and you have to watch them till the end :( . another problem was with combos when you done some combos game will slow down i don't know why but after some combos frame rate drop was really annoying. i haven't tested multiplayer yet but i think that should be amazing. anyway this was my point of view after finishing this game, so if you have played it too, i will be glad to hear something about you too.

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