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Wow, Opera Unite: Pretty Convenient!

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I wasn't sure if Opera Unite was just a tacked on feature that served no purpose or what, but after giving it a try I have to admit it's proving to be really useful. None of the features are nothing I couldn't have done without Opera, but they certainly are convenient to set up and easy for someone. I've tried the media player, adding my mp3 folder to it with a few clicks and am able to share my music with others and listen to it on another computer. Useful!I tried the streaming media app too. I can share videos easily with others and between computers. Like I said, most of the features are nothing an advanced computer user can't set up (FTP server, Web server) but Opera makes it so easy anyone can do it in a couple clicks (Click start app, pick a folder, ta-da!) . It's sure a lot easier for a newbie than downloading an FTP Server or setting up WAMP/LAMP if their needs are only basic. One issue is the unite features are nowhere near as powerful and flexible as a dedicated FTP server or web server, for example, as of this version I can only share one folder on my computer. I don't expect Opera to be a full fledged server, but they could add a little more flexibility.Another feature I'd like to see is more detailed activity logging. As a statistics junkie, I find current log lacking.

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