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Can't Find Resending Email Confirmation Link [resolved]

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I've registered twice so far, using the same usernames, the first one being about two days ago, the second about an hour or two. I've checked for help about resending confirmation, and it said:

During registration, the administrator requires that you supply a valid email address. This is important as the administrator may require that you validate your registration via an email. If this is the case, you will be notified when registering. If your e-mail does not arrive, then on the member bar at the top of the page, there will be a link that will allow you to re-send the validation e-mail.

But I don't see it. I've also checked my junk mail, but it doesn't have it. And I'm positive I've entered the right email as well. Thanks much. :)

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Problem solved. I had to create a duplicate account to get around this annoying "can't find validation" email. For some reason, my yahoo account didn't like the address and blocked it, so I was not able to find it in either my inbox or my spam box. Thankfully, hotmail just placed it in the spam folder, and therefore, I was able to find out the addresser and add it to my contacts list in my yahoo account, hoping it would work. I logged in to this account, clicked on the resend validation, and voila! the long anticipated email arrived, allowing me to post on this account.


If the same thing happens to all you future readers/members out there, I suggest you follow the above steps I took.


In summary,

1.If the validation email cannot be found anywhere in your email, neither in your inbox or spam, and had signed on with your registered (and not yet validated) account and resent the email x number of times, and waited for about a day or more (the validation should have not taken that long), go register with another account with a different email address.

2.Go to that email address you registered with for the duplicate account and follow the usual procedures: if it's not in inbox, check the spam folder. Find the email address. (It is usually located at the top of the message.) If the same thing happens, which it shouldn't, repeat step one.

3.Copy that address from that validation message. Go to your email account that you originally registered with for your original account and paste that address in your contact list. Save, of course.

4.Sign out of your duplicate and into your original account. Resend your validation. Check your (original) email account and click on the validation link that it provided. There! You should be validated! :)


It is highly recommended that you ask the admins to delete the duplicate if you don't want it.


Notes: While rare, when registering for new accounts in other places, it is possible that validations don't show up in your email. I suggest you follow these steps. =)


Note to Mods: You're free to close this topic if you like. Otherwise, just do whatever you want with it.

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