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[Rsps] Misthalin

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I'm coder and owner of RSPS(RuneScape Private Server) called Misthalin.

I've been flamed a lot for leaving original RuneScape storyline and building something custom, almost a new game.


I'm currently working on: "Fairy System", "Rebirth" and converting 594-604 model header to 317.


28th of July

Today I wrote ending for a new quest called "Rebirth". I'm going to write around 20% of the quest here for you to judge/rate/hate.


"After doing various tasks and going back your god-parent he/she will after short discussion teleport you to the ritual site, where rebith will take place. At the ritual site, you parent will talk to you about how the ritual works and what happens after it, then she/he will ask if you agree. You agree and he/she tells you to get on the burning pyre. She/he will say farewells and lit the pyre, you will shout in pain as your body burns, soon you will "die" and your spirit will extract from your burning body. Soon you will start getting sucked into earth by mysterious power, screen goes black and you will find yourself in a dungeon. You'll have to find exit/fight your path to exit. After finding exit, you will be teleported back to ritual site, you'll see your new body waiting there close to your god parent. You will "walk" into the body and claim control of it, your ex-god parent will say a few words and teleport you to your home town. You'll find some equipment/rewards in your inventory, and see that your skill levels were reseted back to one.(this is because body contains your battle skills, duh!) Your experience rate will be doubled in the process, AND you will be able to choose your NEW god parent.(all gods have diffrent bonuses)"

I'm also adding a base for pet fairies today. I'll post pictures as I process.

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Cool! I've run a few private servers of mine, but not in Runescape. I had 3-4 PS's in MapleStory and in WoW. Most of my MapleStory PS were only for friends and for fun, except 1 called "MvPMS". It was a rather large hit in my neighborhood and 100-200 people could be online during the weekends. It had a forums and everything, but my network couldn't handle the large amount of people and I couldn't handle the big electricity bill ;) I had to shut it down, but I made a fortune of $200 - 300 through PayPal donations. It's very, very fun to have a Private Server, especially if you can get it to be hosted on a Dedicated Server host for like $30 - 50. I just couldn't spend that much money, so i dropped it. Which does your private server run in? a DS or Hamachi or something? Hamachi is pretty good if you have less than 50 people. I used play RuneScape back in the day (2005-2007) and I was pretty good, after that i realized there were Free games that were WAY better than RuneScape. But I wish you luck on your PS and the whole point of a PS to be creating new stuff and having fun, so don't listen to the flamers :D I created my own jobs, skills, characters and quests. I like yours PS name but It could be really confusing because there is already a kingdom called misthalin inside runescape. But its pretty good overall. Good luck on making your PS fun!

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