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Creating Single Player Ums Maps How to set up a simple game

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I am trying to create a brood wars map to be played:1) in SINGLE PLAYER mode (brood wars expansion).2) Play Custom3) Use Map Settings (remember this is single player UMS).4) star edit build Mar 7 2006Before I say anything else, PLEASE do not tell me to use multiplayer mode. I am not interested. I am SPECIFICALLY trying to create a single player mode map.In star edit I have set up 1) two players, both human. I have set one to computer (blue) and put it in a seperate force.2) I have created starting locations for both players, command center for both players, and one svc per player.3) I have set up a large location around player 2's start location. (Location 0)3) I have kept the three default triggers (50 starting ore and two to end the game)If I save and play the game without doing anything else, the computer component does nothing. Its SVC sits there and will not even gather resources.My first question is why? Why will that svc not gather resources?Finally, I went back into star edit and set up a new trigger under ALWAYS for player 2 with the following: -Execute AI script 'Expansion Terran Campaign Area Town' at 'Location 0' -Execute AI script 'Expansion Terran Campaign Difficult' at 'Location 0'In this case, the computer player will gather resouces, but it will not create any more units or build its town. Essentially, I am not successful in creating a map to play in single player UMS.Can anyone help me? Please include comments for any changes recommended (ie, why the change was needed).Please do not assume I have done anything else. I have tried to be very diligent in specifying what I have done in star edit.

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