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Other People?s Money And Onassis The secret of the rich people

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Well I want to expose to all of you a practice that is great to start a business and was used by great businessman in the history, particularly Aristoteles Onassis.

The Other´s People Money(O.T.M.)practice consist in borrow money from the banks or from another people to start a good business, and with the earnings of the business pay the loans and to the employees and with the rest try to expand the business and in some years you will have your own big business created with the money of another people. This principle was applied by the transport magnate Aristoteles Onassis. Onassis´s family lost all the business they had in Turkey with the war and he moved to Argentina to work in anything like dishwasher and in his free time he read some business books and stock exchange market books. He worked some years until he could save a good but little amount of money to start to speculate in the National Stock Home of Argentina. He started losing a few money and when he took his first winning stock movement he went to an exclusive store in Argentina and bougth an expensive smoking and started to go to exclusive restaurants where only high class´s people assisted.

He says:

If you want to be rich: walk, talk, dress and act like a rich man because in this way you will atract to the rigth people to make deals with you. Go to exclusive restaurants at least to drink only a cup of wine and relation with the rich people, like an invesment.

Once he started to relation with the high class family he started to see business oportunities to make money. One problem he had no capital to invest in the money. How could he do the business ideas in reality?? Using the money of his new friends, so he ask for a loan to one argentinan friend of him, and after convince him, talk to his dad in Greece to say him that if was possible to export refined tobacco from Greece to Argentina and then sell it to the high class women and men in Argentina. He sent some money to his father who bought some acres of land to cultivate high quality tobacco and in some months the export of greek tobacco started and Onassis started the business. The refined tobacco was put in fashion in the high class´s women in Argentina and Uruguay and in three years Onassis paid the loan(with all the interestes of course)and he was owner of a great company and when we was 27 years old he made his first million dollar.

Once the exportation from Greece was big, Onassis bougth a ship to transport the tobacco without pay high rates to transport it through the Atlantic. He noted that the ship came back to Greece empty so he convice to some of his friends to export their products to the Greek market and he offered him to transport their products with his ship. The deal was good-received by all his friends and this is how Onassis started in the shipping business.

Once he saw the incredible potential of the shipping business he started to learn more about the business and he treated to see how he could to start in the business... It was no easy and looked impossible, he needed a great ship fleet to compete with the greek shipping businessman so here he started to use again the OTM principle.

The international banks didn´t want to give him a $45 million loan to start the company. But Onassis was smart...

He rented a ship fleet and got a great contract to export arabian oil through the Mediterranean ocean until Europe and America. He came back to the international banks office to ask for the loans but now he used the oil transportation contracts like a guarantee to the banks which make him possible to get the huge loan and buy more ships to make bigger the fleet. In ten years the loan was paid and he was the total owner of a multinational shipping company named "Olympic Shipping and Management" and he started to make a huge amount of money, and he invested in hotels and casinos in MonteCarlo and in the Greek airways "Olympic Airways".

Like you have seen this principle called Other´s People Money is great. You can get rich and owner of a huge company without having money only using your intelligence and loans from another people.

The banks win with the interest, and you win owning a great company. of course you have to be at time with the payments to the bank to don´t fall in the bankcruptcy. Bye.

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