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Christina Aguilera 'bionic' Review [resolved]

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Bionic; (adjective) Having anatomical structures or physiological processes that are replaced or enhanced by electronic or mechanical components.

Clearly this is quite an appropriate title for an album that sees Aguilera's previously highly acclaimed vocals relying on electronic support. Gone are the heavy vocals in ballads such as 'Voice Within' and 'Hurt' or even up-tempo tracks like 'Dirty' and 'Aint No Other Man', instead, Aguilera's latest offering is a blatant attempt to appeal to the new shock-lyric market Lady Gaga seems to have introduced. The video for her first release from the album, 'Not Myself Tonight' is so painfully reminiscent of Lady Gaga that even the most socially or musically out of touch could make the comparison. Aguilera herself described the album as an experimentation, but experiments don't necessarily herald positive results and this album could possibly be Aguilera's 'Glitter'. But having said that none of this means 'Bionic' is a failure, there are a number of tracks that ultimately "save" the album and it's those tracks that stay true to her original style.

Bionic: The eponymous track has a heavy industrial and electronic feel, yet vocally Aguilera has a somewhat Caribbean sound.
Not Myself Tonight: Catchy pop track with high paced verses, easily one of the most 'Gaga-esque' tracks on the album.
Woohoo: This up tempo track is laden with sexual references and a beat that's hard to resist dancing to.
Elastic Love: Possibly the worst track on the album, referring to love as a rubber band. To consider this one of the decent tracks off the album would take more than a stretch of the imagination.
Desnudate: More subtle sexually that 'Woohoo', this track has an infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics. I'd be willing to stake money on this being released as a single, a definite dance floor winner.
Glam: Another nod to the Haus of Gaga, generic superficial pop concerning fashion and aesthetics. Not terrible, but clearly a "filler" track.
Prima Donna: This song takes a few attempts, but a decent R'n'B style track nonetheless.
Sex For Breakfast: Slow and smooth vocals create a sensual feel and though it overtly refers to sex it is more subtle than other such tracks on the album. Great for end of the night chill out.
Lift Me Up: This track doesn't have the same heart felt emotion we've come to expect from the passionate ballads of 'Stripped' and 'Back to Basics'. Vocally sound, but lyrically bland.
All I Need: The obligatory "I'm a happily married woman now" pseudo-ballad. No song of Aguilera's is terrible, but it is only the beautiful vocals that save this dire song.
I Am: Again another soft, introspective ballad. Where the other tracks fail, this sweet song seems to encapsulate love without coming across as "try hard".
You Lost Me: Beautiful vocals and emotive lyrics make this without doubt the best ballad on the album.
I Hate Boys: Think Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" meets cheerleaders and you've got the essence of this track. Fun, ephemeral misandrist pop.
My Girls: Electronic pop offering, only improved by an input from Peaches. Nothing grabs about the track but it's fun nonetheless.
Vanity: The (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek arrogance in the lyrics make you not want to like this track, but the hard beat and catchy rhythm are bound to have you hooked.
Monday Morning: The beat gives you the impression of early 'No Doubt' but the vocals are evocative of Sheryl Crow.
Bobblehead: Mix a solo Gwen Stefani with a hard house beat and this track is what you'd get. The first verse is just about tolerable but I have yet to listen to the track past that point as the chorus is beyond irritating!
Birds Of Prey: Dreadful. That is all.
Stronger Than Ever: No electronics, just vocals and a band - Aguilera at her best.
I Am (Stripped): Same as the former only acoustic. Personally this is my favourite version of the two.

Although at times quite contrived, where 'Bionic' succeeds it is truly enjoyable. I only hope that if there is another long wait for Aguilera's next album, she spends the time writing songs she truly cares about. If it 'aint broke Christina, don't fix it.

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