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Great Speech By A True Saint

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Well before I watched it I wasn't sure what to expect, I don't know you or your views at a particularly deep value yet from your posts so I was quietly interested. I wouldn't say I was surprised that I agreed with the man, but more that I agreed with him but admired the secularity of what he said. I thought it was a brilliant and enlightened video and as you say inspiring. What I will say is people exist that are beyond help, beyond "peace" as he would say it, medically scientifically beyond the reach so these individuals on which he puts a lot of importance won't 100% be able to achieve the peace and discover themselves at the actual level. I also agree with his implication that if heaven exists it will be within this life (metaphorically) and not in an afterlife which I do not believe in. I thought the video was very impressive and as the type of video I watch often (as a budding philosopher) I found it incredibly interesting and worthwhile. Thank you for posting this!

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Truly an inspirational speech , thanks for sharing it .Human mind is so restless ,stressed and we forget the real purpose of life.Once we realize the real purpose of life we will stop getting stressed unnecessarily.Peace and Harmony are the required by every human element on earth.It is not difficult to achieve peace within ourselves but we never focus on what Mr Goenka says.Really a great speech.The point is that such people tell us the real things and the actual simplest living not at all difficult to achieve.We all are aware of them but we need to be told time and again as we forget all this in out busy life.

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